Pan Seared Salmon


Pan Seared Salmon

Pan seared salmon, yellow rice with red, green, and yellow bell peppers, and roasted sweet potato, and garnished with fresh basil!

A Healthy Hardy meal that will have you yearning for more! I took an amazing trip to the Ozark Mountains. The breathtaking views & picturesque scenery was just an amazing and glorious site to behold. I was truly inspired by my surroundings I wanted to make something that invoked a bit of the Ozark. Learning about the deep-rooted culture and history there I found that fishing was an amazing pastime and way to gain nourishment in the Ozark. One of the main fish that was caught was salmon.
Such an excellent source of protein and Omega-3. Pan seared salmon is such a hearty meal & satisfying; and to add an exquisite side dish top it off with some saffron rice with diced bell peppers and onions, and baked sweet potato. Having an earthy natural vegetable to pair with your entree is quite delightful & sweet potato is so elegant and tasteful and is such a delicious treat sweet and succulent!
Having a heart healthy meal can definitely be delectable delicious and satisfying without too many unwanted carbs. Clean eating is always a favorite of mine finding new ways to be innovative & create heart healthy meals something I’m truly passionate about!
Go to your local farmers market or your local grocer find some salmon season it to your liking and sear on both sides until the desired temperature has been reached.
Take some saffron rice then dice up some bell peppers and onions and toss it in the rice and cook as directed covered on the stove top until done and you’ll come out with a nice fluffy delicious rice.
Bake a sweet potato or two in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes turning once halfway until your potato is fork tender let cool and then peel off the skin no need to add any seasoning a sweet potato is full and bursting of flavor. Cube the potato & add to the plate and you’re ready to enjoy!

Your family will love his heart healthy meal and you’ll find it extremely satisfying as well!


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