About Angie ❤️

Mother of 2, wife, and a full time pharmacist and I still find time to follow my passion! Cooking has always been a passion of mine! I have over 25 years of experience.

I starting cooking at a young age with my mother. Cooking was our bonding time. When my mother got off work and I was home from school we would meet in the kitchen and talk about our day. We never cooked from a recipe, our cooking was always from the heart. Being passionate about cooking we would season to taste, until the food taste so good it sang to us, then we knew it was ready! 

I’ve expanded upon this cooking style and it has always been my tremendous pleasure to see the joy and happiness on someone’s face after they taste my food. I want each bite to tantalize your taste buds, and take you to a serene peaceful place!

My cuisine is crafted and uniquely designed to meet your needs.
As a sculpture molds and sculpts their clay I mold and sculpt each dish. Each dish is artfully designed and meticulously crafted to invoke an exquisite experience and an impeccable taste.

Cooking to me is like creating a great masterpiece; something to be enjoyed by all and it leaves a lasting impression on the palate. Always wanting more! Let me create a remarkable work of art for your next catering event! 

Website: www.AngiesGourmetToGo.com

Contact info: Phone (520) 230-2123

Email: AngiesGourmetToGo@cox.net