Valentine’s Day… Holiday for Her or Him???

Valentine’s Day…  Holiday for Her or Him???


Ladies Valentine’s Day isn’t just about us. It isn’t about how many gifts, chocolates, or how many roses we get. It’s about mutual love! Let’s show our significant other that we love them just as much as they love us! Trust me you’ll reap the rewards!

For Valentine’s Day I look forward to showing my husband just how much I care about him!!I used my passion to create a fanciful feast and invoke an amazing response from my significant other!

I created a fanciful feast for two! A seafood feast with Dungeness crab, snow crab, shrimp scampi, pan seared scallops, and grilled lobster tails! Such an amazing combination. The seafood was so sweet and succulent. An amazing pairing!
I also created a carnivorous feast! An applewood smoked bacon wrapped filet mignon, beef tenderloin wrapped around, roasted red peppers, Swiss cheese, and spinach, red hot smoked sausages, roasted garlic chicken sausage, and grilled lamb chops. An outstanding sample of savory meats, delicious enough to tantilate any palate!

I also made a strawberry Pina colada cake and chocolate covered strawberries!
You too have the power! If this is beyond your scope have no fear! What do you do well? Invoke that passion and create something memorable and sensational for your loved one!
Tell me how you went above and beyond for Valentine’s Day:

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