Chilean Sriracha Ramen Noodles


Chilean Sriracha Ramen Noodles

Expand your horizon the world is your oyster!

Even as a little girl I have always had a fascination with food from different cultures! Tasting the eclectic blends of ingredients as they tantalize my taste buds left an unforgettable desire for more!

I love coking different varieties of food. Growing up as a child of the Airforce I had the pleasure to experience different cultures, and food, and to hear their stores was amazing. I met people of all walks of life and am truly thankful for those connections; the voyages will never be forgotten!
Also, living in many facets of the world altered my perception on life. I no longer saw the color of people’s skin I only saw the content of their character and the lessons and values they demonstrated. I am truly thankful for that because I believe in that my eyes were truly opened. Sometimes it seems as if we go through this world with our eyes shut. Ignoring all cultures except our own. What we are missing is that there is no one dominating culture we are a melting pot; a smorgasbord of diversity, knowledge, and compassion. This world is a unique and unimaginable place; full of diverse, unique, and special experiences just waiting to be had!

Open your eyes to the world around you! Try something new! Take that first bite of an amazing dish that you might have never tried! Believe that there is something new just waiting for you!
That being said I hope you have been led to the unimaginable and you’re enjoying every bite of it! That is how I feel when I eat pasta!

I have always loved pasta! I look back on my childhood and pasta has always been a favorite of mine! My eyes would light up when my mom would make a pasta dish! My mom is an excellent cook so everything she makes taste good but pasta has a special place in my heart!
That brings me to my current dish. Pasta has long been an Italian tradition but pasta has deep roots in Asian cuisine.
This dish: Chilean Sriracha Ramen Noodles

-Ramen Noodles 1 package per person (find in your local grocer in the international section)
-Bean sprouts (1 cup fresh or if not available you can also find in the international section in a can)
-Mini corn (you can also find in the international section in a can)
-Shiitake mushrooms (1 package found in produce section) Wash before use
-Grill 1 whole chicken breast until done and put to the side
-Chili pepper sauce (you can also find in the international section) and use this to infuse your noodles with a Chilean sauce and add

Sriracha to taste
-Top with grilled chicken, a boiled eggs, fresh cilantro and fresh chives.

It is so delicious the flavor explodes in your mouth and you can adjust the Sriracha level to your liking.
It’s also an excellent source of protein with low sodium!!

The low sodium part means for those of you that only ate Ramen Noodles in college with the flavor packet of pure sodium can safely eat this and not get any were near as much sodium. No flavor packet and you control the sodium!

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